Go Girl!

Glorious Gower Peninsular: Glamping & Hiking – 2nd to 5th July 2019

Join us for glamping and hiking in this stunning coastal setting – marvelous coastal walking paths, pretty Welsh villages, beautiful sandy beaches and a very warm Welsh welcome awaits you…

10 Reasons to join us on our glamping & hiking trip in South Wales:

1 Recent studies have shown that walking improves your cognitive performance. If you are struggling with some big decisions or working on a big project then a walking trip could be key to unlocking that potential. Let the goreous coastal paths of Gower rejuvenate you! 

2 High blood pressure is something that a lot of us struggle with. Hitting the trail can help you lower your blood pressure.

3 Scientists have proved that walking boosts your mood and makes you happier. Exposure to vitamin D from the sun, the peace of nature and good exercise releases happy chemicals in your brain, leaving you feeling reinvigorated and more confident after a challenging walk.

4 It’s common knowledge that walking can help you lose weight. 

5 But it’s also great for toning lean bodies. Abs, waist,calves and legs all benefit from a walk. The lovely beaches of  Gower may even tempt you to swim!

6 Your bones are the foundation that holds your body together. Walking helps improve the strength of your bones and the mobility of your joints. This is great news for everybody, but especially those with mild arthritis.

7 We all have nights where we twist and turn, count some sheep and still can’t manage to get a good nights sleep. Walking helps reduce stress levels and uses a lot of your bodies energy. We haven’t heard of many restless nights on any of our walking trips!

8 Walking can help curb those nasty cravings for unhealthy food and drink. After a long day walking you will be able to treat yourself guilt-free.

9 Whilst we are walking we naturally chat and have a laugh with our fellow walkers. Often new friendships are forged that last a lifetime.

10 All of the above combine to make walking a fanstastic way to boost your overall wellbeing!

Options are available for the full glamping experience or take the budget option of more traditional camping. We believe that wellness should be available for all, regardless of your financial situation!

Email yvonne@womensholidays.com for the full details and all budget options