Go Girl!

Lesvos Island, Greece


Women’s Holidays Lesvos Island Trip is over for this year. But we will be doing it all again next year.  The beauty of Lesvos is that it is a large island with many and varied attractions – not only is Skala Eressos the birthplace of Sappho, and therefore a Mecca for international lesbians but  it’s also an island where traditional ways of life continue in the mountain villages. They retain their authenticity and charm, carrying on in much the same way they have for centuries.  In Lesvos we can  swim and dance with women from all over the world, and our day excursions take us to villages where we often eat at women’s co-op cafes. Meals at these little cafes are prepared with freshly picked garden produce using recipes passed down orally from one woman to another.


The cheeses, both soft and hard, are made with the milk from the owner’s sheep and goats, while the olives and olive oil are from their nearby olive groves. On our excursions we stop to forage for various herbs and capers growing wild in the rocky landscape. We visit the petrified forest and the charming seaside village of Sigri. Another trip is to Petra and Molyvos where we bath in the ancient thermal springs that are right on the beach!  This is a way of life which has disappeared on many other Greek islands, so it feels like a privilege to observe, participate and enjoy. I hope you’ll be able to join Women’s Holidays on Lesvos island some time soon. Like all our guests, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the traditional ways of life in the villages of Lesvos as well as the women’s social scene at our base in the seaside village of Skala Eressos.

See you there soon!